GRIND curated by Joshua Nathanson at Various Small Fires, Los Angeles
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Detoxification Floor (Blue)

Interlocking anti-fatigue foam mats carved and cast with juniper berries and various plant matter in resin

Glove Compartments

Powder coated metal lockers, hand painted latex gloves, aluminum hardware, heat-pressed foil drawings with acrylic ink, magnets

Some Me, Into Timeworn Bits

Curated by Gabrielle Jensen and Elizaveta Shneyderman

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Detoxification Floor Mat with Collapsed Figure
celluclay, pigment, juniper berries, dyed calendula petals

Chance, On The Edge Of A Line

Curated by Audrey Moyer

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'Automatic Writing Samples (1892)' (2016), Heat-pressed ink drawings on aluminum

'Detoxification Mat with Calendula and Juniper Berries'

Anti-fatigue foam mats, celluclay, pigment, dyed calendula petals, juniper berries

Underneath all this dirt the floor is really very clean


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Detoxification Mat with Pot Pourri, Foam mats, glue, pot pourri