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All work 2014

Clothing Rack 2

Welded steel armature, white enamel paint, wheels, white medical garment, self tanning spray, wire hanger, clothespins

Clothing Rack 1

Welded steel armature, chrome paint, wheels, airbrushed acrylic on medical scrubs, wire hangers, clothespins

Fuck Rag Slab #1

Painted rag cast in transparent wax slab

Tanned Grid (Level 1) with Promotional Material & Tanned Grid (Level 2) with Promotional Material (Hanging): 

Plaster on metal shelving grid, spray tan levels 1 (right) and 2 (left), promotional materials for Paradise Tanning salon, rope

Viagra Scroll

Airbrushed acrylic on Viagra tissue paper, wooden dowel

My Other Car is a Fuckrag (1 & 2)

Painted rags cast in translucent wax, acrylic

Rag Catcher

Painting rag, steel armature, wire, wooden spoon, wax, insect net

Cushion 1

Airbrushed acrylic on fabric stretched over foam and wood

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